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The comprehensive bibliographies were designed primarily for use by students taking modules taught by Hugh McClintock in the Institute of Urban Planning, School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham, U.K.

The lists therefore cover a very wide range of current planning topics but do not include all. Most of the bibliographies are regularly updated.

The lists particularly focus on items on planning in England (and especially the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire areas) rather than other parts of the UK, although some important items from Wales and Scotland are also included. Several of the reading lists contain a specific section on (other) European / International material.

There is a separate list of Planning and Planning-related organisations, contact details and websites. Planning and Planning Related Organisations and Websites

With the retirement of Hugh McClintock from Nottingham University in June 2006 the ongoing management of the online planning resource has been taken over by RUDI. The resource will continue to be freely available, however RUDI will need to secure sponsorship for this area long term in order for it to remain free to view. Please email suggestions / interest for sponsorship to Carey Baker

Suggestions for additional items, in any of the lists, are welcome, as well as fuller details of any incomplete references. Please send this to François Danthon


Index to Planning Bibliographies

Countryside Planning
Effectiveness of Planning System & Planning Control
Green Belts
Housing & Planning
Minerals Planning & Waste Planning & Management
Planning Appeals & Public Inquiries
Planning & Pollution
including Vacant Land, Derelict Land & Contaminated Land)
Strategic Planning
Sustainable Development (Green Issues in Planning)
Sustainable Urban Travel
The Central & Local Government Context for Planning
Urban Regeneration

Detailed Topic Index A-Z

Planning and Planning Related Organisations and Websites